In Memoriam

Janet O. Hicks

Janet O. Hicks, a member of the ACFE since 2016, died August 13, 2018.

Hicks received her Bachelor of Science in Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice; she was enrolled in the college’s Master of Public Administration in Inspection and Oversight program and was working for the Association of Inspectors General at the time of her passing.

“She was a wonderful colleague with a warm and friendly personality,” said Professor Ned Benton, her mentor, in the August/September 2018 issue of the John Jay News. And Professor David Shapiro, her instructor and friend, said, “Janet Hicks was one of the most considerate, caring, diligent, mature, intelligent students I’ve ever had.”

Hicks is survived by her husband, Jeff Kelson, and her son, Thomas. “Janet had taken a student membership in anticipation of becoming a professional member upon graduation,” Jeff said. “She didn’t get the chance to be more active, but she took on anything she could associated with the ACFE. It was very important to her. She considered it a calling and was putting together her fraud detection tools. What she had planned is far more extensive than what she had the chance to do.”

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