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At 25 years of experience, 5 don'ts and 5 do's

This year I’ll be entering my 25th year at the company I work for. That’s a quarter century of experience as a claims representative, fraud investigator, internal auditor and internal investigator. Time flew as I went from a clueless college grad who’d show up Monday morning still recovering from the weekend to a middle-aged man putting his daughter through college.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work for a great firm. I’ve managed to avoid a lot of the nightmare work scenarios that others often complain about like micro-managing supervisors, backstabbing coworkers and poor working conditions. I’m grateful my career doesn’t resemble the Dilbert comic strip or episodes of The Office.

Age and time-in-service has made me more reflective at this approaching milestone anniversary. I’d like to share with you some of what I’ve learned: my five don’ts and five do’s to help you survive and thrive in a corporate environment.


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