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Using future anti-fraud tech tools wisely

ACFE's Anti-Fraud Technology Benchmarking Report

Fraudsters wield technology like weapons to commit their crimes. Fraud examiners must match and supersede their foes with advanced high-tech tools. Here are the results of a recent ACFE survey that show how anti-fraud professionals are using technology and their plans for the future.

The army lieutenant general peers through his binoculars to view the opposing regiment three miles away. His 1,500 soldiers are prepared with the latest weapons and fighting vehicles. But his intelligence unit hasn’t yet been able to report on the enemy’s strength. And he has no idea when his opponents will attack. He thinks he’s ready, but who knows?

This is how many organizations often feel about their technological preparations to fight fraud perpetrators and deter them before they get anywhere near the front line.

As criminals find new ways to exploit technology to commit their schemes and target new potential victims, anti-fraud professionals must ensure they’re adopting effective technologies to navigate evolving threat battlegrounds.

But which technologies are most effective in helping organizations manage their fraud risk? Which tools provide benefits that outweigh the costs? How are organizations successfully harnessing the power of technology as part of their anti-fraud programs?

We know the answers to those and other questions can be crucial in gaining management buy-in and successfully implementing new anti-fraud technologies.

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