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Fraud Week spurs anti-fraud training and support across the globe

Anti-fraud professionals know that while it’s best to catch fraud as soon as possible, it’s even better to stop fraud before it happens — which is why active fraud prevention is a critical part of anti-fraud strategies for organizations of any size. The ACFE established International Fraud Awareness Week (Fraud Week) to give organizations a dedicated time to spread anti-fraud education with employees and within their communities.

More than 800 organizations from more than 90 countries around the world signed up to support anti-fraud efforts during Fraud Week 2019, Nov. 17-23. The official supporting organizations, which represented nearly every industry, went above and beyond to host events and spread awareness at their workplaces and in their communities. Every bit of education and awareness they were able to pass on will make a difference in helping to prevent fraud.

Official Fraud Week Ambassadors held a variety of trainings and events over the course of the week. Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad hosted its 3rd annual “Fraud Games,” where teams of employees participated in activities, including a game during which participants matched facts about infamous fraud cases to the scandals, and other interactive activities, like a word search, which tested their fraud knowledge.

Walmart sent out fraud awareness material to associates and customers on how they can best protect themselves from fraud. This included a blog post on their corporate site, posting Fraud Week posters and badges, and approximately 2,300 Walmart stores in the U.S. played a fraud awareness message.

Voya Financial ran daily fraud awareness articles on its internal company site. The articles touched on topics like how to report fraud, plus different types of fraud and why fraudsters commit them.

Magellan Health sent out daily emails to all employees and set up a table, which offered materials that helped explain more about fraud prevention. The company also sent out a word search and trivia questions throughout the week.

Members of the ACFE’s Law Enforcement and Government Alliance observed Fraud Week by spreading awareness in their communities. The Department of Finance for Papua New Guinea published advertisements and a press release about Fraud Week. The U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations published a video detailing the red flags of fraud schemes that can arise in the military.

ACFE Chapters held conferences and trainings, and staged awareness campaigns in their communities. The Central Ohio Chapter led a large campaign called “The Cost of Fraud,” where they had multiple billboards posted in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area to spread the message that little white lies lead to big consequences. The chapter also secured an official Fraud Week proclamation from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. The Dallas Chapter also secured more than 20 proclamations from local politicians to recognize the week.

The U.K. and Belgium Chapters held their annual conferences, while other chapters held live events, including the Serbia, Sydney, Switzerland, Indonesia, South Africa, Houston, Greece, El Paso and Italy Chapters. The Mumbai Chapter worked alongside EY India to develop a newsletter for the week.

Other supporters around the world also observed the week in a variety of ways. Deloitte Bosnia and Herzegovina held a multiday conference featuring stakeholders from the EU, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the University of Sarajevo and more. In Yemen, the Al-Noaman Exchange Co. printed thousands of fraud awareness brochures and pamphlets that it distributed to the public.

The International Youth Foundation held a live event with a “Fraud Wheel of Jeopardy,” while the National Bank of Fujairah held a fraud forum in Dubai that was attended by more than 30 banks and institutions, along with the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police. They heard from Andrew Pimlott, the senior managing director and partner at FTI Consulting.

The ACFE would like to thank all International Fraud Awareness Week Official Supporters, supporting media, bloggers, tweeters and social media posters for their amazing participation in Fraud Week.

Remember, fraud awareness doesn't begin and end with Fraud Week. It’s a year-round effort that’s supported by fraud examiners all over the world. Thank you all again, and we look forward to next year’s event, Nov. 15-21, 2020.

Sarah Hofmann, CFE, is the ACFE public information officer. Contact her at

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