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Influencer bootcamp

Five techniques to master

Most people don’t like being stuck in obscurity in their profession. They want recognition and compensation for their value. Here’s how to build a reputation or professional brand as an influencer in your anti-fraud field.

How do you become an influencer? The journey from expert to influencer begins by recognizing a knowledge gap in your professional specialty and filling a void with your unique perspective, knowledge and experience that can result in the creation of the “Big Idea.” You have to learn how to promote and distribute your Big Idea in different ways that launch you from expert status into influencer standing.

Experts who often embrace labels such as influencer and thought leader typically have written a book, given a TED Talk (technology, entertainment, design, or conference presentation, or have one million followers on Twitter. In truth, it’s not easy to be considered an influencer or thought leader. Those are labels of distinction you’ll have when the elements of your influence or thought leadership have reached critical mass in your profession, field or industry.

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