Taking Back the ID

COVID-19 and utility bill scams

The pandemic is bad enough, but scammers are out there waiting to steal your money and identity via COVID-19 fraud. Here also is the newest utility bill scam.

Robert Smith was worried about his health. He was exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, such as a fever and cough. He saw an ad for a company that claimed he could come in for a free test. However, when he arrived, the company ran a battery of tests he didn’t need, including an MRI and complete blood count test. It turns out that the company then billed Medicaid for all the tests and pocketed the extra cash.

This fictional case is just like ones that reporters Monica Williams and Joe Duce of an ABC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, reported on its website (Charges announced in 3 COVID-19 related fraud cases in Arizona) on May 27, 2020.

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