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What’s your IQ? (Influence quotient)

Learning how to connect with people emotionally can pay big dividends in any job. Showing empathy and finding ways to be relatable are an important part of “influential intelligence.” The positive use of language can make all the difference when engaging clients, interviewers and fraudsters.

Have you ever tried to make an important decision that’s 100% rational? Even for a fleeting microsecond, did you weigh the consequences of that decision? Our brains have evolved to take the path of least resistance and other shortcuts when assessing our everyday environment and situations. It requires too much processing power to navigate excruciating detail in an increasingly complex world. It takes more cognitive effort to enhance awareness, be present and reflect more deeply — especially for ideas or suggestions that confront deeply held beliefs and opinions.

When opinions hold sway over facts

Most of our fundamental beliefs and opinions are kept behind well-guarded fortresses because they keep out conflicting perspectives that challenge how we see the world. We need compelling motivations offered in a way that touch upon what matters to us before we’ll consider lowering the drawbridge to adjust our positions, opinions and beliefs.

When you’re engaging with new business associates, employees or clients, they’re looking for something to connect you to them. They’re looking for empathy and ways that make you relatable. People buy you first because who you are is always more important than what you do. That’s a universal law; it’s how we’re hardwired.

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