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Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jeanette LeVie, CFE, looks back on 30 years with the ACFE

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jeanette LeVie, CFE, almost didn’t work for the ACFE. In 1992, LeVie interviewed to be the assistant to founder and Chairman Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE,  but someone else got the job. However, as luck would have it, the person initially hired only lasted three weeks, and the ACFE called LeVie back for another shot.

“The day I received the phone call asking me to come back for a second interview, I had a job offer on the table that I fully intended to accept, and I was tired of interviewing,” she says. “But for some reason, I made a split-second decision to return for another round.” 

LeVie remembers sitting across from Dr. Wells in his office, telling him she had a good offer from the Austin Association of Engineers. According to LeVie, Dr. Wells quipped that she’d be “bored working for a bunch of engineers” and pitched the position at the then-fledgling anti-fraud organization as an opportunity to learn the company from the bottom up and help him grow a business.

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