I'm a CFE

Kenneth Boey, CFE

Head of financial crime compliance, Etiqa Insurance, Singapore

As a child, Kenneth Boey read mystery novels and dreamed of fighting crime as a police officer. Now, Boey is a full-fledged fraud fighter, ensuring that his company, Etiqa Insurance, has strong controls in place to protect its systems from threats.

I was born and raised in Singapore. Growing up, I enjoyed running and taekwondo. In quiet moments, I indulged in reading mystery fiction; I think this might have sparked my interest in solving crime and combating fraud. I fondly recall playing police and thief as a child, and I aspired to be a police officer. Although that did not happen, I’m happy I get to fight financial fraud in my day job and contribute as a volunteer special constabulary in my free time.

As the head of financial crime compliance for Etiqa Insurance, I ensure that sound controls are in place to protect our systems and processes against fraud. As a leading digital insurer in Singapore, we use automated and straight-through business processes, which have introduced new risks to the company. To safeguard our system and maintain our risk posture, we work closely with stakeholders to conduct process reviews and data analysis to identify potential frauds.

My team and I respond to fraud incidents and investigate them thoroughly before escalating cases to senior management and reporting to regulators. To sustain a strong anti-fraud culture at Etiqa, we also conduct periodic trainings and briefings for employees and partners, so everyone is aware of fraud risks and how to respond. The whistleblowing program we maintain for both internal and external stakeholders is an important means of fraud identification.

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