ACFE continues to grow and thrive

The ACFE, the world’s largest anti-fraud community, continues to thrive in an increasingly challenging environment, growing its membership, expanding its presence across the globe and becoming more diverse and inclusive. That’s the message from the most recent ACFE Report to Members.

ACFE membership exceeded 91,000 in 2022, a year that saw 5,023 associate members become Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), according to the report. That’s good news as more professionals equipped to fight fraud allows for better protected organizations and motivates excellence in the workplace.

“As the number of ACFE members and CFEs increases throughout the globe, I know that means there are more qualified, educated and passionate anti-fraud professionals dedicated to protecting their organizations and communities,” says ACFE’s Vice President of Membership Ross Pry, CFE.

“And the fact that there are more people out there protecting the general public not only fills me with pride but also motivates me to work hard to provide those professionals with tools and resources to do their jobs.”

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