Taking Back the ID

ChatGPT AI voice cloning, plus fake income-tax refund scam

Don’t send in the clones! Fraudsters are using ChatGPT to replicate voices to pull off classic grandparent and family-emergency scams. And beware of this new fake income-tax refund scam.

According to a May McAfee study, a quarter of those surveyed have experienced an AI voice scam. Ten percent have been personally targeted, and 15% said they know someone who has. The study says that of the 77% who lost money, more than one-third were out $1,000 with 11% of U.S. victims losing between $5,000 and $15,000. (See “Beware the Artificial Imposter: A McAfee Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence Report,” mcafee.com, resources, May 2023.)

Although ChatGPT hype is waning somewhat, some organizations and individuals are coming across as authorities on the subject who have all the answers. It seems that everyone wants to get a piece of the pie. The reality is that ChatGPT and other AI programs like it are still in their infant stages. Like any new tech tool, they’ve raised a lot of questions about their uses and risks. One thing is for sure — identity criminals are obviously drooling. They view the rapid evolution in the AI landscape as a potential gold mine. 

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