'We Must be Fearless'

Q&A With Chairman Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA

Why has the ACFE succeeded and prospered? 

There are many reasons. But at the time we established the ACFE, there were about 40,000 professional associations in the U.S., but not a single one of them was dedicated to fraud detection and deterrence and nothing else. As others have said, it was an idea whose time had come. 

What have you enjoyed most about building the ACFE from the beginning? 
Probably the most enjoyable thing can be likened to a farmer who puts a seed in the ground. He waters it, fertilizes and nurtures it and does everything he can to see that it grows. When that seed finally sprouts from the ground, he knows that his efforts have paid off. There is no feeling quite the same. Perhaps the thing that surprises me most is it didn't take longer for that seed to grow and bear fruit.

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