Catching up With ACFE Staff News

Scott Patterson Focuses as His Billiards Skills Grow

Life Outside the Office 
Focused concentration. Though Scott Patterson, ACFE's communications writer, is surrounded at work by other marketing staffers, he has to quietly focus on the words when he prepares promotional materials and produces the e-newsletters, The Fraud Examiner and FraudInfo. Outside the office, Scott is still surrounded by others as he focuses on something entirely different -- a cue ball. 
Scott has turned a passing interest in billiards into an enjoyable avocation. He's captain of an Austin team, the Studebakers, that has placed in the upper ranks in several national tournaments including the annual American Poolplayers Association (APA) tournament in Las Vegas for the last two years. 
"Billiards is a great stress reliever," Scott says. "It's very satisfying. I think it releases endorphins in the brain! It teaches patience and the ability to learn from mistakes. It's all about the enjoyment of playing, not winning." 

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