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  • An Interview with Dr. Timothy Pearson: Fighting Fraud with Research

    How can we deter fraud if we don’t understand it? The Institute for Fraud Prevention is supporting research to find the root causes of fraud and offering businesses and government tools for deterrence and prevention.

    economic-meltdown-130x100.jpgThe Great American Economic Meltdown (Part 2): Ponzi’s Offspring Dupes Investors

    Two notable Ponzi cases – the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities scheme and the alleged Stanford Financial Group fraud – show the true underbelly of corruption in the recent economic meltdown.

    feature-good-riddance-small.jpgGoodbye and Good Riddance (Part 2): Financial Companies Bloated Estimates

    In the late 1990s and the early part of the last decade, several large financial service companies recognized bogus “gains on sale” from bloated estimates of future collections upon which those gains were based. These were portents of the impending economic meltdown and fraud.

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  • Training remains critical to my fraud examination skills.