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  • She Dealt a Death Blow to Illinois 'Pay To Play' - An Interview with Pamela Meyer Davis, ACFE's 2009 Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award Recipient

    Pamela Meyer Davis, a Chicago-area hospital administrator, would not capitulate to business-as-usual extortion. Her courage helped lead to the convictions of many in "pay to play" schemes and the eventual arrest and indictment of the former governor of Illinois.

    stumped-130x100.jpgSo You Want To Be An Expert Witness? Make Sure You Know the Issues.

    CFEs who want to be expert witnesses in court must watch the judiciary as it constantly tweaks the standards for accepting their opinions.

    bad-health-news-130x100.jpgUnhealthy Procedures - Medical Identity Theft

    Identity theft has taken on an ominous twist: fraudsters are stealing personal medical information so they can have free health benefits, collect bogus Medicare and Medicaid money, and compromise the records of millions. Here’s practical information that you can give to your community to battle this odious crime.

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  • Training remains critical to my fraud examination skills.