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  • Intensifying The Network - An Interview with James H. Freis Jr., Director of FinCEN

    James H. Freis Jr. wants to bolster FinCEN’s ability to consolidate information from scores of law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to find fraud around the United States and the globe.

    group-meeting-130x100.jpgFraud in Nonprofit Organizations - Emulating SOX's Best Practices

    U.S. nonprofit organizations, unlike publicly traded companies, don't have to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. But they could deter fraud if they emulated SOX's best practices. Here's help for nonprofits that want to construct anti-fraud programs.

    pollution-130x100.jpgCFEs' Roles In Energy Company Anti-Fraud Efforts - No Futilities For Utilities

    Some public utility companies still have a skewed set of incentives. As CFEs, we can help deter fraud and mitigate some of the inefficiencies with many of the same methods we've used to solve dilemmas for other industries in the past.

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  • Training remains critical to my fraud examination skills.