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  • Chasing Madoff - An Interview with Harry Markopolos

    Harry Markopolos, CFE, CFA, couldn't have known that his first fraud examination would last nine years and uncover the largest-ever Ponzi scheme.

    dipping-for-dollars-130x100.jpgMultiple Dipping for Dollars - New York Indie Contractors Rip Off System as 'Employees'

    As more and different types of frauds come to light involving public pension systems, CFEs and auditors must be on the lookout for miscast worker/employer relationships and determine if professional service providers actually are independent contractors illegitimately reported as employees.

    fish-130x100.jpgClassroom Case: Something’s Fishy at Jones Company

    In this following fictional case designed for classrooms or seminars, an intrepid seasoned internal audit manager and an inexperienced but willing staff auditor investigate suspicious financial activity at Jones Company. Their discoveries reveal their hunch was right, and they stop the fraud.

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  • Training remains critical to my fraud examination skills.