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  • An Interview with Michael Chertoff - Before Homeland Security, A Life Of Fraud Fighting

    When we hear of Michael Chertoff, many of us think of travel restrictions at the airport, illegal immigration, the war against terrorism, or hurricanes. But few know that long before he became the second secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Chertoff got his start by tackling corporate fraud, political corruption, and organized crime.

    sad-woman-130x100.jpgCity Abuses Citizens' Trust - Preventing Securities Fraud in Municipal Bond Issues

    With the Obama Administration's infusion of billions for infrastructure improvements and repairs, CFEs soon will have the opportunity to bring their expertise to a vast number of government public projects. If San Diego is an indicator of fraudulent money management, some CFEs could be looking at a much busier professional life.

    ponzi-strikes-again-130x100.jpgPonzi Strikes Again - A 13-year, Multibillion-dollar Fraud Leaves Mouths

    Charles Ponzi is back in the news with the alleged $50 billion Bernard Madoff scheme. But here's another Ponzi crime that might not be so prominently on your radar: entrepreneur Tom Petters has been charged with selling billions in merchandise that never existed. Learn how this happened and how frauds like this can be prevented.

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  • Training remains critical to my fraud examination skills.