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  • An Interview with Isabel Mercedes Cumming, J.D., CFE: Tackling Mortgage Fraud Locally

    Isabel Mercedes Cumming, J.D., CFE, chief of Prince George's County's Economic Crimes Unit, isn't daunted by U.S. foreclosure statistics as she fights mortgage fraud in her corner of the world.

    markopolos-story-130x100.jpgWall Street Knew Madoff Was a Fraud: An Excerpt from "No One Would Listen"

    Madoff whistle-blower Harry Markopolos, CFE, CFA, and his investigative team discovered that most Wall Street financiers knew that Bernard Madoff was running something shady. But why did they look the other way?

    sars-prisoner-130x100.jpgSuspicious Activity Reports (Part 1): SARs Can Help Put Fraudsters Behind Bars

    Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) help law enforcement officers fight financial crime and intercept terrorist funding. This article goes behind the scenes to show how they follow SAR leads, apply traditional investigative elbow grease, and use innovative technology to apprehend and help prosecute perpetrators.

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  • Training remains critical to my fraud examination skills.