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  • An Interview with H. David Kotz, SEC’s Inspector General: Watchdog Monitors Agency’s Progress After Madoff Case

    The Securities and Exchange Commission failed to uncover Bernard Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme because of some major agency deficiencies. That was the conclusion of H. David Kotz, SEC’s inspector general, after a thorough investigation. Kotz, who has made 69 recommendations to the SEC for improvement, says he has “a burning desire to expose the truth.”

    cyber-smear-attacks-130x100.jpgWorking with Legal Counsel: Beware of Cybersmear Attacks

    CFEs can deter fraud resulting from irresponsible, anonymous Internet posters, but they can only do it with assistance from their in-house or retained legal counsel. Counsel will know the pitfalls and domestic and international laws that CFEs need to consider when investigating cybersmear attacks.

    frontline-defenders-130x100.jpgSuspicious Activity Reports (Part 2 of 2): Frontline Defenders Against Financial Crime

    Law enforcement finds many of its most valuable leads in the million-plus Suspicious Activity Reports financial institutions submit to FinCEN each year. Knowing whether to file a SAR and exactly how to prepare one aren’t simple matters. But guided by FinCEN, and sometimes by Bank Secrecy Act reporting consultants, financial institutions diligently feed actionable information to government agents and prosecutors.

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  • Have you ever used a digital forensics professional in an investigation?