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    stealing-cash-130x100.jpgStealing Cash with a Smile: The Affable Courier Who Pocketed $250,000

    Charlie was likable, dependable, smart, and enterprising. A little too enterprising. After he assumed courier duties for a medical practice office, he found a crack in the internal controls and was able to steal cash before he delivered it to the bank. And he did it without anybody noticing for three years. Learn from the clinic’s mistakes in this “from the deposit” cash theft scheme.

    bad-words-130x100.jpgExamination ‘Bad Words’: How CFEs Can Avoid Potential Defamation Pitfalls

    Have you spoken or written these words lately in an investigation: fraud, criminal, theft, illegal, steal? The way you use these words can have potentially serious liability consequences. Here are guidelines governing the use of words describing criminal acts and ways to modify expressions to avoid defamation cases.

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    ACFE and Oral Roberts University Celebrate Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program


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  • Balancing Act: An Interview with Irving H. Picard, Madoff Trustee

    Irving Picard, court-appointed trustee for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, tries to balance the needs of all of those involved as he unravels the fallout from the largest-ever Ponzi scheme.

    fear-130x100.jpgFCPA Instills Fear: Training in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance

    The U.S. government is vigorously enforcing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as a part of a global crackdown on fraud and corruption. CFEs need to know all facets of the act as they work with compliance officers to offer comprehensive training to all employees.

    wells-130x100.jpgLauded as Anti-fraud Trailblazer: Joseph T. Wells Honored With Doctorate Degree

    ACFE Chairman and Founder Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from York College of The City University of New York for exceptional contributions to society.

    terror-link-130x100.jpgThe Fraud-Terror Link: Terrorists Are Committing Fraud to Fund Their Activities

    CFEs now need to be extra cognizant of their role in homeland security. As more terrorist plots are revealed, so are the links to their funding through fraud. It’s easier than ever to steal an ID and disappear or embezzle funds and relocate them halfway around the world with just the click of a mouse. Here’s practical information we can use to discern frauds that are being used to fund terrorist activities.

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