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  • A New Wave in Green Energy Fraud: Fraudsters are Learning it Pays to be Green

    Green energy has mass appeal among consumers, investors, and manufacturers. Now fraudsters are jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of a market ripe with emerging technologies, lax controls, and an abundance of financial incentives.

    2010-SeptOct-AmyStroupethumbSentinel Wins Vindication: An Interview with Amy Stroupe, CFE

    Amy Stroupe, CFE, just wanted to do a good job for her employer. When she uncovered evidence of a Ponzi scheme, she eventually lost her job. But sometimes sentinels are vindicated.

    2010-SeptOct-DeathFraudthumbDeath Fraud: This Identity Theft is Alive and Kicking

    It might be impossible to eradicate this pervasive fraud, but cross-referencing documents with the U.S. Social Security Administration’s Death Master File might be the key to significantly reducing the success rates of perpetrators.

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  • Over the past two years my budget for hiring and training has: