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    scarewear-thumb.jpgScareware Fraud: All Trick and No Treat? Part 2 

    In part one, we defined scareware and its prevalence. In part two, we examine specific ways fraudsters lure victims, how to avoid infection and legislation of this latest evolution of malware.

    green-cards-thumb.jpgGreen Cards for Sale: Catching an Immigration Official in a Bribery Scheme 

    Scared immigrants, secret tapings in Chinese restaurants, the silent Mr. Yee, endless subpoenas and the caring Rudy Giuliani: just another New York City story. In this excerpt from his recent autobiography, Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, founder and Chairman of the ACFE, writes about a case early in his FBI career that taught him more than investigative techniques.

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    New Regents Join Board 

    Nominations Open for 2012-2013 Board of Regents 

    ACFE Chairman Resigns from AAA 

    U.K.’s Lead Economic Force Joins ACFE Law Enforcement Partnership 


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    Barry Minkow, who, while still in high school, founded ZZZZ Best, a carpet cleaning and restoration company that turned out to be a massive Ponzi scheme, talks about one of the many ways he manipulated auditors. 

  • The Aggressive Enforcer: An Interview with Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division 

    Lanny Breuer is emphasizing high-impact, white-collar criminal enforcement as the U.S. assistant attorney general. His team’s work is starting to pay off.

    illegal-traffic-thumb.jpgIn the Name of ‘Progress’: Illegal Human Labor Trafficking within U.S. Government Contracts 

    The people most likely to become victims of human labor trafficking are nationals of the poorest of countries who are working in unskilled and semi-skilled positions on military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The authors’ investigations have revealed widespread fraud.

    workers-comp-thumb.jpgWorkers’ Compensation Fraud: Tilting at Fraud Mills No Longer Quixotic 

    Faced with a possible workers’ compensation fraud case? You and your casualty insurer might want to investigate the accused employee’s medical provider, which could be complicit. You could have a much better chance of recovering losses, and you might even uncover additional crimes.

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  • How often do you check your bank accounts for fraudulent activity?