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  • The Man Who Time (Almost) Forgot: Sentinel Award Recipient William H. McMasters Finally Gets His Due for Exposing Charles Ponzi

    During the ACFE’s 22nd Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition, the 2011 Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award went to William H. McMasters, the Boston publicist who, in 1920, helped take down the most notorious pyramid schemer of them all: Charles Ponzi.

    JulyAug-hotlines-for-heroes-thumb.jpgHotlines for Heroes: Making a Fraud Hotline Accessible and Successful

    Employees often avoid using hotlines because they don’t believe they are really anonymous, and their co-workers could label the employees as “tattlers.” Here are ways to debunk stereotypes and practical suggestions for constructing hotlines that work.

    JulyAug-social-networks-thumb.jpgMingling in the New Millennium: Making Social Media Work for You

    The most successful fraud fighters use free social outlets to network, expand their businesses, increase their contacts, learn new methods and stay current on the latest in anti-fraud news and resources.

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