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    impossible-fraud-triangle-thumbBeyond the Fraud Triangle: Enhancing Deterrence of Economic Crimes

    Fraud examiners have used the fraud triangle as a standard method to understand fraudsters’ motivations. However, the triangle is inadequate because pressure and rationalization cannot be observed and do not adequately explain every occurrence of fraud. Here are some tools that go further.

    John-Coffee-feature-thumb.jpgCressey Award Recipient: Prof. John C. Coffee Jr.

    An interview with Prof. John C. Coffee Jr., 2011 ACFE Cressey Award Recipient.

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    Stephen Pedneault, CFE, CPA, founder of Forensic Accounting Services, discusses the procedure his firm follows when embarking on a fraud examination. 

  • The GRC Toolbox: The Use of Integrated Methods to Fight Fraud

    Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) aims to integrate organizational management, asset protection and regulatory adherence under one operational umbrella. But those who devise GRC programs often underestimate fraud risk.

    conference-thumbReturning to Where it All Began: 22nd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition

    The ACFE revisits San Diego, where it held its first annual conference to offer anti-fraud education on a grander scale.

    data-breach-thumbBreaking Breach Secrecy, Part 1: Corporations Need to Publicize Breaches

    Corporations are deathly afraid of data breaches, but they need to proactively protect themselves and be frank with consumers when they are attacked. Here is help when counseling your organizations or clients.

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  • After reading “Beyond the Fraud Triangle,” what is your preferred method for deterring and detecting fraud?