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    NovDec-smartphone-hacked-thumbs.jpgCorporate Smartphones in Danger: Understand the Weaknesses and Keep Devices Safe 

    Your employees' corporate smartphones are not protected like their computers. Hackers can easily steal proprietary and economic information that could cripple your operations. Learn the vulnerabilities and how to secure these "computers in the back pocket."

    NovDec-spinster-at-work-thumbs.jpgThe Spinster and the Dubious Investment: Financial Statement Fraud in Small Organizations 

    Small organizations: Beware of those longtime employees who have their hands in every department. Learn from this tale of misplaced trust, faulty internal controls and lack of segregation of duties.

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    Vincent M. Walden, CFE, CPA, CITP, Senior Manager, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services at Ernst & Young, discusses the pitfalls to avoid in data collection and analytics. 

  • Mining for Hotline Gold: Help Your Clients Unearth Hidden Fraud Tips 

    A good lead is an investigator’s best friend. But the relationship sours when a tip goes unrecognized or is misinterpreted, which allows a fraud to continue. Encouraged by anti-fraud legislation, more companies are setting up multi-channel hotlines.

    NovDec-government-claims-thumbs.jpgFalsifying Government Claims and Insider Trading: Feds are Vigilant in Wake of Economic Crisis 

    Fraudsters are still skittering out of the woodwork to get their share of U.S. stimulus money. However, the federal government is hitting back vigorously. Here is how to protect your organizations and clients from falsifying government claim fraud and insider trading.

    NovDec-data-lock-thumbs.jpgBreaking Breach Secrecy, Part 2: Gauging the Effectiveness of Data Breach Notification Legislation 

    Data breaches are escalating. Many organizations still do not encrypt their data. If they do, many still use the vulnerable 56-bit “Data Encryption Standard.” And breach notification guidelines are still vague. U.S. federal and state legislation need to catch up.

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