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    MarchApril-deviant-employee-1-thumbFind Deviant Behaviors, Find Fraud? Human Resources Issues Could Uncover Worse Crimes 

    Sophisticated fraudsters may be able to conceal their frauds, but they may not be as adept in hiding their workplace deviant behaviors. Identifying or recognizing a correlation between the two, even if the correlation is weak, could significantly improve the anti-fraud profession’s ability to uncover fraud.

    MarchApril-fishing-for-money-thumbFishing in Revenue Streams: Revenue Overstatements  

    Revenue accounts are fraudsters’ favorite targets in financial statement frauds because they often contain the largest numbers and high volumes of transactions within general ledgers. As CFEs, we need to understand the underlying causes and motivations for overstating revenues. But don’t bury yourself in the ledgers; investigatory interviews and other analyses are imperative.

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    Michelle Brown, Roger Darvall-Stevens and James Oakes Elected New ACFE Regents 

    Top Speakers, Practical Sessions at 23rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition 

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    Harry Markopolos, CFE, CFA, Madoff Whistleblower and 2009 CFE of the Year, encourages CFEs to go after the big frauds. 

  • The Real Cost of ‘Choosing Truth Over Self’: 2012 Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award Recipient Michael Woodford 

    Here’s something you seldom see: a new CEO blowing the whistle on his own company. Michael Woodford challenged Olympus Corporation’s board on questionable transactions. Though the company sacked him, he’s winning in the court of public opinion.

    MarchApril-greedy-assistant-thumbTrusting Assistants with Access: Embezzlement Investigation Case Study  

    Explore the case study of Evelyn Reynolds, a trusted executive assistant, who embezzled more than $100,000 from a children’s charity for her own nefarious use. The authors outline how she did it and their investigation.

    MarchApril-data-tree-thumbHow Vigilant is Vigilant Enough? Transactional data testing can multiply your FCPA compliance and investigative efforts 

    Companies need to use technology and testing methodologies to uncover red flags and patterns that could indicate corrupt schemes and transactions. New tools on the horizon will help you search across virtually all of your data and information and even predict problems and vulnerabilities.

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  • Should former Olympus Corp. CEO and whistleblower Michael Woodford be reinstated?