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  • Spotting those elusive liars: An interview with Pamela Meyer, CFE, author of “Liespotting” and keynoter at the 23rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition 

    After an epiphany at her Harvard reunion, Pamela Meyer, CFE, embarked on a three-year research adventure to discover how and why people deceive. She shares much of what she learned so fraud examiners can become liespotters.

    MayJune-woman-victim-1-thumbInternational money laundering, part 1 of 2: The human toll 

    International money laundering plays a major role in the financing of numerous illicit activities that threaten domestic and global financial systems. Human trafficking, one such illicit activity, is becoming ever more profitable and prevalent. In fact, it has become the third-largest source of income for organized crime groups after drugs and arms trafficking.

    MayJune-bid-rigging-construction-thumb.jpgBid rigging and kickbacks under the bridge 

    Dylan Murphy, an engineer at a municipal transit district, believed he should get rich with little or no personal risk. After some failed investments, he decided his future was in fraud. The kickback business was lucrative until the FBI caught up with him. Here’s his story plus details of the post-trial recovery investigation.

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