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  • Wanted: gutsy fraud fighters. An Interview with Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York 

    Preet Bharara exhorts business school students, corporate employees and fraud examiners to create ethical cultures and have the courage to report fraud.

    MayJune-money-mergers-thumb.jpgNot worth the paper they’re printed on: Phony estimates in financial statements 

    Detecting financial statement fraud is more complex than ever. But here are ways to investigate the books and the personalities behind the numbers.

    MayJune-empty-chairs-thumb.jpgWho are you going to call? The IRS and the SEC whistleblower awards programs 

    Have you (or employees in your organization) found incriminating evidence, but you don’t trust the internal hotline? Here are two ways to report fraud and possibly receive awards for your troubles.

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  • In "My Take," Carla Hodge, DBA, CFE, CRMA, writes that at many companies, internal audit management believes that the internal auditor's role is not necessarily to be a fraud examiner. Have you found this to be true?