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  • Happily comply: The natural links of compliance and fraud examination lead to new career moves 

    Because of new anti-fraud legislation around the globe and reemphasis on FCPA enforcement, CFEs, with their ingrained skill sets, can consider new job directions.

    JanFeb-bills-chalk-thumb.jpgBack to school: Universities need remedial anti-fraud training 

    Learn how universities, and other nonprofit organizations, can overcome entrenched ideologies to prevent and deter fraud and reputational damage.

    JanFeb-gold-rush-thumb.jpgRushing an insurance claim: Would-be 'gold king' takes advantage of bank's credit line and insurance company's payment 

    Gold-seller Anthony Grau wanted to become "king of the world" with other people's money. However, a CFE's questions unraveled Anthony's scheme.

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