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  • Chipping away at corruption: An interview with Dr. Peter Eigen, founder of Transparency International 

    Dr. Peter Eigen, as a World Bank director in the 1990s, witnessed the ravages of corruption in Africa. He and a small group of like-minded leaders began Transparency International - a nonprofit that is helping move anti-corruption efforts to the top of governmental and corporate agendas.

    MayJune-needles-paystack-thumb.jpg Needles in a paystack: Physician submits $500,000 in false claims 

    Dr. Susan Shamrock wanted to give a non-approved, experimental allergy treatment to her suffering patients. Unfortunately, she overcharged for the drug to the tune of about a half a million dollars. Here's how fraud examiners found the incriminating evidence.

    MayJune-empty-desk-thumb.jpg Skip class and collect the cash: Student financial aid fraud schemes 

    Federal financial aid can help college students' dreams come true. It can also line a fraudsters' pockets with undeserved, unearned “aid,” which costs taxpayers' money and steals deserving students' futures.

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  • Would you use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to make a purchase?