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  • Hacking the hackers: An interview with Brian Krebs, recipient of the ACFE Guardian Award 

    Investigative journalist Brian Krebs has exposed — at personal risk — data breaches at Target, Home Depot, P.F. Chang’s and many others. His reporting has abbreviated cybercrime schemes that have saved thousands for consumers and helped rescue identities. And he’s just getting started.

    Burgeoning botnets! Burgeoning botnets! 

    Find out how cybercriminals use infectious malware to infiltrate web browsers and steal personally identifiable information.

    'I didn't intend to deceive anyone' 'I didn't intend to deceive anyone' 

    Fraud perpetrators often use a variety of excuses to alleviate the culpability of their mental states because they know they can’t be convicted unless prosecutors can prove their criminal acts were accompanied by a guilty state of mind known as mens rea.

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