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    ACL Services
      ACL Services Ltd. is the leading global provider of audit analytics and continuous monitoring software to the audit and controls professions and the financial management community. Combining market-leading analytics software and professional services expertise, ACL solutions give organizations confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the transactions underlying increasingly complex business operations and in the effectiveness of internal controls. Proven ACL technology enables decision-makers to detect fraud, assure compliance, reduce risk, and enhance profitability – all with a return on investment measured in weeks, not months.

    Services: Software, Consulting Services

    Industry Focus: Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities & Telecommunications

    Contact Information:
    1550 Alberni Street
    Vancouver, BC V6G 1A5
    Phone: 604-669-4225
    E-mail: info@acl.com
    Website: www.acl.com


    American Military University
    Description: American Military University is now over 90,000 students strong, in over 100 countries, offering more than 150 degree & certificate programs and is 100% online. AMU offers the opportunity to study various aspects of security - from Homeland Security to Intelligence Studies to Emergency & Disaster Management. Push your mind!

    Services: Education

    Industry Focus: Education

    Contact Information:
    General E-mail: info@apus.edu
    Website: www.amuonline.com
    Phone: 703-396-6437
    Individual Contact: Jeffrey A. Hawkins, Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Private Security Sector, jhawkins@apus.edu 


    Approva Corporation
    Description: Approva® is the leading provider of continuous controls monitoring software and is the industry standard for three of the five largest audit and advisory firms. We automate both IT and financial controls for all of the major applications companies rely on to run their business, include Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP. By using our software companies can reduce risk, prevent fraud, lower compliance costs and identify areas of operational improvement. Our solutions provide customers with an accurate and unified view of their enterprise-wide controls environment. Beneficiaries and users of the solution include the finance and various business organizations, IT, and the internal audit organization.

    Services: Continuous Controls Monitoring Softward

    Industry Focus: All Industries

    Contact Information:
    13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Ste 500
    Herndon, VA 20171
    E-mail: info@approva.net
    Website: www.approva.net
    Phone: 703-956-8300


    CaseWare IDEA Inc.
    Description: CaseWare IDEA Inc. is the developer of IDEA™, the leading data analysis software used by auditors and forensic and financial professionals, around the world. With IDEA, you can read, display, analyze, manipulate, sample or extract from data files from almost any source. IDEA has unique functions and features not found in any other software product, to help you work more efficiently and effectively and add more value to your organization or clients. The introduction of IDEA Server and IDEA Smart Analyzer has insured that our clients continue to have the most powerful resources for their audit and forensic engagements.

    Services: Software

    Industry Focus: Focus on all industries

    Contact Information:
    469 King Street West
    Toronto, ON M5V 1K4
    E-mail: sales@caseware-idea.com
    Website: www.caseware-idea.com
    Phone: +1 (416) 867-9504


    Centrifuge Systems
    Description: Centrifuge® Systems delivers a unique approach to interactive data visualization. Using advanced link analysis - complemented by charts, timelines and geospatial views - investigative analysts can discover non-obvious relationships and significant insights within their data more quickly than with other data visualization or data analysis technology. Centrifuge allows analysts to easily combine disparate data sources and explore multiple data visualizations in a single integrated workspace—all through a standard web browser. Centrifuge solves challenging link and data analysis problems in the areas of fraud and money laundering, cyber security, intelligence analysis, law enforcement and other domains. Centrifuge actively partners with software companies, information providers and others looking to enhance their solutions by embedding Centrifuge visualizations."

    Services: Software, Services and Consulting

    Industry Focus: Financial Services, Government, Insurance, Social Network Analytics

    Contact Information:
    7926 Jones Branch Drive
    Ste 210
    McLean, VA 22102
    E-mail: info@centrifugesystems.com
    Website: www.centrifugesystems.com
    Phone: +1 (571) 830-1300
    Individual Contact: Anthony Agresta, Vice President – Marketing, aagresta@centrifugesystems.com


    The CooperGroup, LLC
    Description: The CooperGroup provides strategic consulting and advisory services in the areas of fraud prevention and detection, risk management, internal audit, and ethics and compliance. We partner with organizations to implement best practice solutions that promote transparency, ethical decisions, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Our fraud prevention and detection services include best-practice benchmarking, investigations, anti-fraud programs and helpline diagnostics as well as fraud awareness training. The CooperGroup: Ethical Foundations. Sustainable Success.

    Services: Consulting, Investigations, Implementation of anti-fraud programs and best practices, Awareness training.

    Industry Focus: All industries, experience with Fortune 500 and private sector companies of all sizes.

    Contact Information:
    3003 Lakeland Drive, Ste C
    Jackson, MS 39232, USA
    Phone: 601-488-4262
    E-mail: info@coopergroupllc.com
    Website: www.coopergroupllc.com   
    Individual Contact: Elaine Saxton, Consultant, 601-488-4262, esaxton@coopergroupllc.com 


    DataStream Content Solutions, LLC (DSCS)
    Description: Looking for a better way to fight fraud, waste and abuse – see TraceMining. The TraceMining™ Analytics tool, by DSCS, is the only geographic network analysis platform that allows for prevention of fraud. DSCS is a premier provider of data and information management solutions to major clients in legal, financial services, banking, academic, news, information services, publishing and government markets. The company supports the life cycle of data spanning collection, conversion, enhancement, validation, storage, retrieval and delivery. DSCS products and services focus on providing the information you need, how and when you need it.

    Services: Consulting, Software Systems and Subscription Services

    Industry Focus: Government, Corporate, Healthcare and Financial

    Contact Information:
    5000 College Avenue
    College Park, MD 20742, USA
    Phone: 301-405-5423
    E-mail: info@dscs.com
    Website: www.dscs.com
    Individual Contact: Gregory Brown, Vice President Strategic Development, 612-670-7806, gregory.brown@dscs.com


    DCW & Associates Investigations
    Description: DCW & Associates was founded in 1987 by former Federal Agent David Williams in Huntington Beach, California. DCW is a national organization providing both Investigative (surveillances, etc.) and Criminal/Civil Court Research & Records Retrieval services. In fact, DCW is the only Investigations firm offering a nationwide, ‘Hands-On’ records retrieval solution — meaning all records are personally retrieved and validated before copies are made, unlike a database company. DCW provides surveillances, investigations and research services to the corporate, investigative, insurance and legal communities alike. Call for a free quote at (800) 899-0442.

    Services: Investigations, Background Checks, Due Diligence

    Industry Focus: Investigations, Background Checks, Due Diligence

    Contact Information:
    7400 Center Avenue, Ste 209
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA
    Phone: 714-892-0442
    E-mail: info@dcwpi.com
    Website: www.dcwpi.com  
    Individual Contact: David Williams, President


    Description: Horwath Mak is an audit and consultancy firm based in UAE. We are one of the largest audit and consultancy firms in UAE with offices in UAE, Oman, London and Kabul with a staff strength of over 200.

    Services: Registered Agent for UAE offshore companies, forensic audit, corporate restructuring, tax, training and human resources.

    Industry Focus: Audit, Tax and Advisory

    Contact Information:
    PO Box 6954, Suite 1501 & 1502
    Golden Tower, Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah, UAE
    Phone: +9716 5730341
    E-mail: admin@horwathuae.ae
    Website: www.horwathmak.com
    Individual Contact: Mr. Atik Munshi, Managing Partner, +97150 45784645, atik@horwath.com or atik@eim.ae 


    Description: i2 is the leading provider of intelligence and investigation management software for law enforcement, defense, national security and private sector organizations.

    Services: Software

    Industry Focus: Law Enforcement, Defense, National Security, Private Sector, Cybersecurity, Fraud.

    Contact Information:
    1430 Spring Hill Road, Ste 600
    McLean, VA 22102, USA
    Phone: 888-546-5242
    E-mail: info.americas@i2group.com
    Website: www.i2group.com


    Instaknow, Inc.
    Description: Instaknow is the industry’s leading Human Intelligence Automation software and services company. Instaknow's clients routinely save between 50-90% on the cost of manually intensive business processes by automating processing across diverse systems. Instaknow’s proprietary Automated Fraud Investigation (AFI) software harnesses “Human Like” Artificial Intelligence to drive down the time and cost of highly manual fraud investigation research. AFI checks claim data against a multitude of sources faster and more accurately than its human counterpart. Organizations including financial institutions, manufacturers, governments, and the military are using the patented Instaknow platform to make their workers more productive, effective, and informed.

    Services: Software Solutions

    Industry Focus: Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Government, Telecommunications

    Contact Information:
    1001 Durham Avenue, Ste 201
    South Plainfield, NJ 07080, USA
    Phone: 908-650-9595
    E-mail: solutions@instaknow.com
    Website: www.instaknow.com


    Institute for Internal Controls
    Description: The Institute for Internal Controls (TheIIC) is a professional certification organization dedicated to promoting an effective internal controls environment in all organizations by providing high quality research and education in all areas of internal controls. As an indicator of expertise in internal controls, TheIIC grants the designations of Certified Internal Controls Auditor and Certified Controls Specialist. CICAs and CCSs come from various professions and include auditors, accountants, fraud/loss prevention specialists, attorneys, and educators and posses expertise in the audit, review, design and implementation of internal controls. Training is offered to member, non-members and companies who need employee training in internal controls.

    Services: Professional Certification, Training and Research

    Industry Focus: Professional Certification

    Contact Information:
    109 Mullen Drive, Suite B
    Sicklerville, NJ 08081
    General Email: info@theiic.org
    Website: www.theiic.org
    Phone: +1 (856) 982-2410
    Individual Contact: Dr. Frank Nasuti, Ph.D., CPA, CICA, CFE – Chairman: chairman@theiic.org


    IRS - Criminal Investigation
    The IRS-Criminal Investigation investigates potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes including money laundering and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

    Services: Tax Enforcement

    Industry Focus: Government

    Contact Information:Address: 1111 Constitution Ave, NW, Room 2517
    Washington D.C., 20224, USA
    E-mail: cishr@ci.irs.gov
    Website: www.jobs.irs.gov
    For a recruiter in your area, go to: http://www.jobs.irs.gov/midcareer/cisa-contact.html


    KPMG Forensic
    KPMG Forensic’s 1900-strong global network of experienced professionals use accounting, investigation, intelligence, technology, economics and deep industry skills alongside consistent global methodologies to help reduce reputational risk and commercial loss, and to improve the value obtained from existing contracts. We offer robust, practical advice, helping our firms’ clients deal with: fraud, misconduct and corruption investigations; tracing funds, assets, companies and individuals; commercial disputes; regulatory compliance; managing risk on buying or selling a business; intellectual property and contract governance; preventing and detecting fraud or financial crime.

    Services: Compliance & Monitoring, Fraud risk management, Investigations, Dispute advisory services, Forensic technology services

    Industry Focus: All industries

    Contact Information: 345 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10154, USA
    Website: www.kpmg.com
    Individual Contact: Timothy Hedley, Partner, 212-872-3496, thedley@kpmg.com


    LexisNexis Risk Solutions ( www.lexisnexis.com/risk/) is a leader in providing essential information that helps customers across all industries and government predict, assess and manage risk. Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics, Risk Solutions provides products and services that address evolving client needs in the risk sector while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. Our financial services solutions assist organizations with preventing financial crime, achieving regulatory compliance, mitigating business risk, improving operational efficiencies and enhancing profitability.

    Services: Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification and Authentication

    Industry Focus: Financial Services

    Contact Information: 1000 Alderman Drive
    Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA
    Website: www.lexisnexis.com/risk/financial-services
    Individual Contact: Cheryl Robinson, Director, Marketing, Cheryl.robinson@lexisnexis.com


    Personable Inc. - ScanWriter
    Since 1998, Personable is dedicated to empower professional examiners by automating their manual work with proven technology in this digital age. Personable has published the award winning software such as ScanWriter which offers the industry-leading data entry automation solution by enhancing accuracy, speed and scalability for projects requiring extensive data entry to ease the process of fraud detection and prevention.

    Services: Software

    Industry Focus: Accounting, Government

    Contact Information: 17600 Newhope St
    , Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    Website: www.personable.com


    PRISM Social Media Investigations
    PRISM Social Media Investigations was developed by CES (Computer Evidence Specialists) to offer the latest intelligence, training, and investigative services within social media. Created by retired FBI-investigators, CES provides detailed reports using open source social media and public records data, conducts training focused toward social media trends and open source internet content, and performs high-level risk assessments using geo-located topic monitoring. CES additionally supports numerous federal government contracts in the healthcare fraud arena.

    Services: Social Media Investigations, Training

    Industry Focus: Government, Legal, Law Enforcement, Insurance, Health Care

    Contact Information: 5315 A1A S,
    St. Augustine, FL 32080
    Phone: 904-461-9992
    Website: www.cesnb.com
    Individual Contact: Kristin Chambers, Marketing Coordinator, 904-342-5109, info@cesnb.com


    Rembrandt Group LLC
    Rembrandt Group is a premier, NJ based, Information Technology (IT) services company serving Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. We are heavily focused in the Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, Retail and Services industries. Rembrandt provides proprietary solutions and services that: facilitate business processes, increase productivity, reduce costs and transform IT architecture. We specialize in four main areas: Automated Software Modernization, Human Intelligence Automation, Technology Consulting and Professional IT Placements. Contact us to find out more about our services, request product brochures, or set up a live demonstration.

    Services: Software Solutions, Consulting Services

    Industry Focus: Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Government, Telecommunications

    Contact Information:Address: 2 North Road, Ste 3
    Warren, NJ 07059
    Phone: 732-356-1600
    E-mail: info@rembrandtgroup.com
    Website: www.rembrandtgroup.com 


    SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW.

    Services: Software, Consulting

    Industry Focus: Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Utilities, Insurance

    Contact Information:Address: 100 SAS Campus Drive
    Cary, NC 27513, USA
    Phone: 1-800-727-0025
    E-mail: info@sas.com
    Website: www.sas.com 


    Stevenson University
    Description: Stevenson University, located in Stevenson, Maryland, offers onsite and online degrees including an online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and online Master’s Degree in Forensic Studies with tracks in Accounting, Computer Forensics, Investigations, Legal, Interdisciplinary and Criminalistics.

    Services: Education

    Industry Focus: Education

    Contact Information:
    100 Campus Circle
    Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA
    Phone: 1-877-531-7118
    General Email: gps-inquiry@stevenson.edu
    Website: accelerate.stevenson.edu
    Individual Contact: Angela Scagliola – Director of Enrollment


    Thomson Reuters
    Description: Thomson Reuters is the premier provider of information intelligence across the globe for businesses and professionals. CLEAR is the next generation research tool from Thomson Reuters with a robust collection of both public and proprietary records. Web Analytics, a feature within CLEAR, instantly searches and categorizes social network sites, blogs, news sites and watch lists within the deep web, while you run your public records search. CLEAR also offers batch services and system-to-system capabilities for your specific investigative needs. NFC Global, a Thomson Reuters business, provides international due diligence, investigative and consulting solutions for businesses and government entities.

    Services: Online Investigative Tool

    Industry Focus: Risk, Fraud & Investigations

    Contact Information:
    1410 Spring Hill Road, Ste 450
    McLean, VA 22102, USA
    Phone: 1-800-262-0602
    E-mail: clear@thomsonreuters.com
    Website: clear.thomsonreuters.com


    Description: Criminals and fraudsters are more innovative than ever, so detecting and preventing fraud now requires advanced tools and techniques. With TLOxp® corporate risk solutions, you can effectively conduct deep investigations for the purposes of due diligence, risk assessment, fraud detection, identity authentication, strategic human capital management and more. Our searches and reports provide critical, actionable information on an enterprise level. The depth and scope of TLOxp’s database provides your company with the information needed to mitigate potential risks and to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. www.tloxp.com

    Services: Hardware, Software, Consulting Services

    Industry Focus: Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Mortgage, etc

    Contact Information:
    4530 Conference Way South
    Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA
    Phone: 1-866-856-5599
    E-mail: tloxp@transunion.com
    Website: http://www.tloxp.com/corporate-risk/  


    UNC Charlotte Extended Academic Programs
    UNC Charlotte Extended Academic Programs offers online and on-site certificate programs, professional development courses, and exam prep for the accounting industry. Some of these include: Forensic Accounting Certificate, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam Review - Internal Auditing Certificate, and CPE one-day courses. These programs and courses are designed to meet the needs of forensic accountants, auditors, fraud examiners, risk managers, and business owners.

    Services: Online and on-site certification programs, professional development and exam preparation

    Industry Focus: Education

    Contact Information:
    9201 University City Blvd.
    Charlotte, NC 28223, USA
    Phone: 704-687-8900
    E-mail: CEregistration@uncc.edu
    Website: ContinuingEd.uncc.edu
    Individual Contact: Karri Murray, Program Director, 704-687-8925, kkmurray@uncc.edu


    Utica College Online
    Founded in 1946, Utica College is a comprehensive, independent, private institution that offers regionally accredited online degree programs in economic crime prevention and fraud management.

    Services: Online Degree and Certificate Programs

    Industry Focus: Education

    Contact Information:Bernard Carter
    Director of Admissions
    Address: 1600 Burrstone Rd.
    Utica, NY 13502, USA
    Phone: 866-295-3106
    E-mail: bcarter@utica.edu
    Website: http://programs.online.utica.edu/


    Virtual Advantage
    Started out of the need for a better way to manage investigations of insurance claims.

    Services: Investigation Management Software for SIUs, TPAs, PI Companies and Risk Management.

    Industry Focus: Insurance

    Contact Information:
    3905 Rochester Road
    Royal Oak, MI 48073, USA
    Phone: 877-772-6886
    E-mail: info@scoutcms.com
    Website: www.scoutcms.com
    Individual Contact: Justin Lankes, Director of Business Development, jlankes@scoutcms.com


    WizSoft Inc.
    WizSoft is the developer of data mining software tools used by auditors and forensic investigators around the world. With these tools, you can reveal fraudulent cases and errors in large volumes of data, when you don't have previous examples of fraud.
    WizRule is a data auditing software to discern patterns in your data and identify the attributes associated with anomalies (deviations) - it turns your data into insights.
    WizSame identifies potential duplicate records (identical or similar) based on the user matching criteria, analyzes one table or compares two tables without having to merge them.

    Services: Software Development

    Industry Focus: All Industries

    Contact Information:
    6800 Jericho Turnpike, Ste 120W
    Syosset, NY 11791, USA
    Phone: 516-393-5841
    E-mail: info@wizsoft.com
    Website: www.wizsoft.com
    Individual Contact: Irina Sered, Executive Vice President

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