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Detect Application and Account Fraud sooner without impacting Customer Experience


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New account fraud is rising and within that, Identity Fraud is clearly the winner. The vast majority of such cases involved the abuse of an innocent victim’s identity, rather than a fictitious identity. The availability of large amounts of personal information obtained from hacking, phishing or data breaches continues to fuel this type of fraud. The proportion of identity fraud carried out specifically through online channels also continues to increase.

The laundering of criminal proceeds is also a key objective for fraudsters. This clearly poses a problem for banking and law enforcement in unpicking whose money is whose, and ensuring that no one accidentally gives the proceeds of crime back to criminals. For fraud strategists and those responsible for financial crime prevention in their organizations, knowing who is perpetrating the fraud is an important factor in determining what prevention strategies should be deployed.

Use this infopaper to learn how better to balance growth and customer retention.

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