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How Federal Agencies and Fraud Investigators Are Using Technology to Fight Financial Crimes?


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Fraud investigation units are often understaffed and underfunded. Technology will provide the tools that fraud investigators need to keep up with their work. As per an anti-fraud technology benchmarketing report by ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), 64% of these businesses cite the software's ability to review an increased volume of transactions as one of the greatest benefits. Some other benefits of financial investigation software include:.

Greater Accuracy

Automated processes reduce the incidence of human error in the data set. Acquiring data directly from financial institutions reduces the risk of using manipulated data. The software can review transaction data to flag possible errors. And using built-in analytical models can help you avoid introducing errors during analysis.

Faster, Easier Results

Automated processes allow you to streamline your workflows. As a result, you will get data sets with better quality in a fraction of the time that manual processes would require. And faster results mean less effort by your investigators and support staff to reach conclusions about whether fraud occurred.

Fewer Resources Needed

Switching to automated processes will allow you to reallocate your limited resources. Rather than spending time, money, and labor on data handling, you can push those resources to analysis and enforcement.

Hence you must explore how advanced technology can assist you in fighting frauds. Download the white paper now!

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