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6 Ways To Spot Insider Fraud Before it Strikes


6 Ways To Spot Insider Fraud

Fraud is an increasingly serious threat for businesses around the world, eroding data integrity and security, consumer confidence and brand integrity. When fraud is discussed, hackers or external fraudsters often come to mind. However, insider fraud is a critical threat that is growing. According to Gartnercre Group, insider incidents increased by a staggering 44.3% in a single year, from 4,716 in 2020 to 6,803 in 2021.

Personal pressures and poor market conditions can raise the incidence of internal fraud. As we settle in to wider permanent remote workforce we see a few trends.

  • Remote workers are the primary source of criminal prosecutions for insider risk
  • 75% of investigations that led to criminal prosecution for data theft occurred from the home

The cost of dealing with insider threats has risen causing organizations to spend 34% more in 2021 compared to 2020.

However organizational culture can reduce the trend, and it starts with knowing what to look for. This is why Bottomline has created a guide, identifying 6 Ways to Spot Insider Fraud Before it Strikes. Download the white paper now!

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