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The Software Solution that Saves Time, Money & Resources In the Fight Against Financial Crime


Virtual Forensic Computing

VFC allows you to create a virtual machine in seconds, VFC removes the guesswork from virtualisation and allows the investigator to concentrate on the investigation. It allows the investigator to experience the original computer environment, just like the original user.

What can you access

  • All settings
  • Multiple profiles
  • Hidden files
  • Jump lists
  • Internet history
  • All applications
  • Restore points
  • Take screenshots

What can you do?

  • Bypass passwords
  • Create and boot up a VM in seconds
  • Create a standalone copy
  • Test malware

Use VFC throughout the timeline

  • Use to Triage
  • Use in court
  • Use in court
  • Use in the field

Please click here for a brief insight to VFC.

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